Where Should I Outsource?

Small and medium-sized enterprises are looking for ways to improve efficiency and trim costs. The difference is that when it comes to IT, most SMEs have limited in-house skills and rarely have a dedicated IT team. Consequently, IT is a popular function to outsource as businesses look to take advantage of the cost savings and improved efficiency technology can bring.

The country that your outsourcer is based in has a huge impact.

Selecting the right web and software outsourcing partner may come down to where they are located and the skills that they can offer, rather than simply cost. Basing the decision on more than just the cheapest price means that the chances of getting the project completed on time and to an accurate budget are significantly increased. This can even lower the unforeseen troubleshooting costs, which companies that outsource traditionally complain about.

Bearing all this in mind, traditional software offshore destinations might not necessarily be the best option for smaller businesses which often need, or want, a more hands-on role in the web outsourced project.

While it is tempting to select the cheapest outsourcer that comes along, smaller businesses are vulnerable to unexpected costs that can quickly negate the initial cost savings if they do not select their software outsourcing partner carefully. Rather than putting the emphasis on cost, innovation and value for money must be the new outsourcing focus and the quality of work should be the deciding factor.

Bulgaria as an software and web outsourcing destination is on the rise primarily because the country’s workers are highly skilled in IT and European business. The country also has a proven track record, developing efficient and innovative IT processes for both large and small businesses.

Outsourcing to a company that is based closer to home, in the EU, can be the most suitable alternative. It allows SMEs to experience the cost savings realized from outsourcing while using a team with more expertise and experience. It is, without a doubt, the better choice in complex and strategic projects rather than offshoring to India.